Future Proofing Tools

Tools and resources to help you prepare for the future of work.

WAYE Future of Work Certificate

A two-hour workshop on how technology will impact the future of work, and how you can thrive in it. You will walk away with:

  • an in-depth understanding of how advanced technologies will impact the future of work
  • a framework to measure automation or augmentation potential in your career path
  • the skills necessary to future-proof your career
  • and much more!
This class is geared towards students, businesses, and individuals in the workforce.

WAYE Custom Master Class

A customized workshop on how advanced technologies will impact your business or industry

WAYE Custom Consulting

Futureproof your business

A Career Day For Young Entrepreneurs

WAYE Day: a day of hands-on, immersive workshops lead by industry experts in the field that equip young entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to build their own brands, launch their own businesses, and future proof their careers.

1-on-1 business consulting and general advice sessions for young entrepreneurs looking to build their own start-ups or make a career change.

WAYE Approved Business Tools

WAYE Futurist T’s

Join the right side of history