WAYE Talks
By the year 2030, more than 800 million jobs will be replaced by technology.- McKinsey Global Institute

We are bridging the gap between young entrepreneurs and the digital future by revolutionizing the way that young people learn about technology.

  • WAYE educates young people on the intersection of business, technology, and the future, with a focus on non-traditional and minority markets.
  • WAYE supports young people in building career paths that will sustain the digital shift.
  • WAYE equips young people with a framework to evaluate emerging and disruptive technologies.
  • WAYE inspires and challenges how young people think about the future in order to expand their beliefs on all that could be possible, while fostering innovation to create.

Everyday 600+ Millennials and Gen Z tune into WAYE’s platforms to learn about the intersection of business, technology and the future.

Our Founder, Sinead Bovell.MBA, B.B.A Finance

Futurist, Speaker, Youth Tech Leader

Recognizing the pace at which advanced technologies would soon outpace the workforce, Sinead Bovell made it her mission to bridge the information gap between young entrepreneurs and the digital future. In 2018, Bovell founded WAYE (Weekly Advice for Young Entrepreneurs); and shortly after launched WAYE Talks, a series of monthly events where she educates young entrepreneurs on the intersection of business, technology, and the future. The series went viral, with young people coming from across the world to get involved. From Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence to the future of Social Media, young people have turned to WAYE Talks for the tools and the answers to the future.

To date, Sinead has educated over 10, 000 young entrepreneurs on the future of technology, and has spoken at world renowned institutions including the United Nations, the US Chamber of Commerce, Cornell University, and Bloomberg, on the intersection of business, technology, and the future. Most recently, Sinead was appointed to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union Generation Connect Visionaries Board to offer strategic guidance on youth participation and empowerment in digital cooperation. Sinead has served as a tech contributor for publications such as Vogue, The Star, and The Globe and Mail, and was recently recognized by Wired Magazine for her work in bringing ‘new faces to the table in tech.’

Prior to founding WAYE, Sinead received a degree in finance, a minor in chemistry, and an MBA from the University of Toronto, and worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney

Sinead is driven by her mission to build a progressive, informed, and thriving society. One in which technology is built, as she says, “on the right side of history.”


"The best thing that we can do about the future is prepare for it."

WAYE is bringing industry experts to the forefront of key markets, giving them access and an opportunity to educate and influence the next working generation on the future of business and technology.

Our Specialists

Being able to share experiences and resources with and learn from other young entrepreneurs has been such an incredible tool to understanding how to run and grow our business. Through WAYE Talks, we've been able to extend our network of like-minded business owners, mentors and friends. An invaluable platform to anyone thinking about or in the process of venturing out on their own!-- Corinna Williams, Co-Founder of CELSIOUS

WAYE talks are the realness we need in this city and in this time. I'm currently a student at Columbia University, but it is largely because of the latest talk on AI that I'm now learning how to code and I feel immediately better prepared for the future that is coming for us all. WAYE talks teach, and they do it so well, but more importantly, they provide an amazing space for connection!-- Heide Morris, Student at Columbia University

The decades of learn first then work are over. Constantly educating yourself in an era of rapid technological advancements is a prerequisite for our generation. WAYE talks hit this nail right on its head, while offering an invaluable networking opportunity for a diversity of young entrepreneurs focused on the future. For anyone that strives to stay ahead of the curve, I couldn’t recommend these talks enough.-- Joshua Mitchell, Senior Vice President at New York City Economic Development Corporation

The unique value of WAYE Talks lies in bridging the gap between the management of business and the creation of new value. Each session exposes the audience to the behavioural attributes and new imperatives of disruptive technologies, bringing urgency to a much necessary strategic transformation.-- Alexander Manu, Professor, Faculty of Design and Faculty of Graduate Studies at OCAD University